New to Hull?

We have put together a small list of some of our favourite spots in Hull, if your not familiar with the area and want a fun experience that helps you learn more about the city and what is on offer, this list is a great way to start!


1.Hull Old Town

The cobbled streets of Hulls historic old town serve as a reminder to the cities long history. Old town has many quirks, such as England’s smallest window, the street ‘Land Of Green Ginger’ which is dubbed the oddest street name in the country and Ye Olde White Hart which is one of the oldest pubs in Britain. All of these spots serve as an educational and fun day out for anyone who’s curious about Hull’s history.


2. Ferens Art Gallery

Established in 1927, Ferens is perfect for art lovers but can appeal to everyone as it hosts a wide variety of artistic styles! The art gallery features work from the European old masters which were widely famous painters before about 1800, focused work of British and Historic portraiture, marine paintings and much more. If your not into paintings, the gallery also features many sculptures!



3. The Deep

One of Hulls most famous tourist locations and widely known in the UK, the Deep offers an unparalleled aquarium experience for all. Children can receive an educational tour of all the sea life and let their curiosity lead them to the different areas of the aquarium, from arctic creatures like the penguins to tropical fish there is loads to see. For adults, fine dining, corporate events and even weddings are all on offer! If you fancy a unique and memorable experience, head on over to the deep.



4. The Marina

The Marina has been a staple of Hull for over 200 years. If you choose to moor on the Marina, the whole of Hull is at your fingertips. If you choose to continue on your journey the neighboring waterways of  Lincolnshire and Norfolk are available to you! The Marina also offers two yearly festivals, the Hull Folk and Maritime Festival in June and the Freedom Festival in September! If you don’t own a boat and fancy a trip to Europe, the North Sea ferries terminal is a 10 minute drive away!




5. Paragon Arcade

Fancy a bit of retail therapy? Paragon Arcade hosts a wide range of retailers which are all independent businesses, there is a shop for everyone’s tastes. The arcade was originally built in 1896 and has been restored over the years to its former glory, with vintage gold lettering and wide windows, it is a decedent experience and will no doubt be a hotspot for shoppers this Christmas!


Want more?

Can’t get enough of Hull? Check out Hull’s official website and discover exciting upcoming events and much much more below! Thanks for reading!