Beverley Town

A few weeks ago we did a blog post on tourist spots in Hull, Mainly targeted on anyone new to the area! This week we want to explore Hulls close neighbors and celebrate East Yorkshires vibrant towns! Beverley is a half an hour drive away from Hull, or if you fancy an even quicker journey you can get the 15 minute train from Hulls train station to Beverley.

Here are some quick facts on historic Beverley: Beverley Grammar school is the oldest school in England, Beverley’s origins can be traced back to the 7th century, being part of the Anglian kingdom of Northumbria, and in the 14th century, Beverley was actually larger then Hull, having a population of over 5000!

Beverley High street

Beverley’s high street is a bustling hub for shoppers that has been steadily growing for years. Restaurants, cafes, jewelry, antiques, clothes, art shops, book stores and much more are all on offer for retailers! On weekends the markets are open on either side of the high-street and you never know what your going to get each week, so its well worth the visit, while your at it visit the Market cross, a famous landmark while your looking at all the stalls! The highstreet is a 5 minute walk away from the train station so its quickly accessible!

Beverley Westwood and the Racecourse

If you fancy a picnic, a stroll through nature, or just want some fresh air the Westwood is for you! A large expanse of beautiful land, the Westwood is perfect for anyone who loves nature and is only a 10 minute walk away from the highstreets.  A short walk up the pasture reveals the black mill, an old icon of past windmills which now sits alone. If you are into sport, there is a golf course in and around the Westwood which has been praised for its difficulty. You will also encounter cows which live all over the expanse of the pastures and help graze the land. Also opposite the Westwood is Beverley Racecourse, which originally opened  in 1690! Famous for its iconic Westwood track and always has large gatherings for Ladies Day, the racecourse is perfect for those who love an exciting day out. If you are a fan of festivals, Yearly events such as the June folk music festival, early music festival and food festivals all take place in and around the Westwood!

Flemingate Shopping center

The shopping center is a 3 minute walk from the train station and offers so much to choose from! The cinema is a frequent stop for movie enthusiasts and next to it is a great selection of bars, restaurants and cafes! Further down you can find the independent art shops which showcases local artists latest works and pieces. Further down Flemingate you can find clothing shops, Delis, toy stores and even a gym! Everything you could need is all in one handy area!

Beverley Minster

The most iconic landmark of Beverley, the Minster is a gothic church which dates back to the 8th century. The Minster is a grand architectural structure which features glorious stain glass windows and age old stone carvings of old musicians, considered to be the largest gathering of these types of stone carvings in the world. The Minster features beautiful Christmas festivals and Christmas services for any interested. The minster was also used as a filming location for ITV!

A great day out

There is so much to do in Beverley, and being so close to Hull you can go at your own pace! If you want to move into Hull and are looking at renting a property, contact Em Lets today and let’s get the ball rolling!


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