When done right, a renovation can transform a house or apartment into a stunning, living space. We were approached for help on a property which had raised a family, served its purpose and was ready to move on  as the owner had gone into care and the property needed a little TLC . We helped the sellerachieve financially more money, opened up the market available to families instead of just investors and became their main contact.


The main concern for the owner was to see the property just being ripped apart of all its original features that gave its character. Our aim from the beginning was to keep as many striking original features as possible while maximising space with our end user being a family with young children. The kitchen was completely updated and the upstairs bathroom was redesigned to make it a useable space. As for the rest of the house check out the pictures to see.

Overall, this property renovation is a stunning example of how an outdated property can be transformed into a beautiful, modern living space making it easier to sell but in the way that the owner wanted it to be. The attention to detail, commitment to quality materials, and dedication to creating a comfortable and inviting environment truly paid off resulting in a beautiful property that will now thanks to us, be enjoyed for another generation for many years to come.

About us?

nvolved in all thing’s property and as Landlords themselves they love finding creative ways of helping  people with property matters. Involved in the full 360 of property  investment they can help find rental  opportunities, have a reliable team for renovations and a fully compliant letting agency to help take the day to day hassle away.

Did you know?
With rental properties an Electrical certificate (EICR) should be carried out at least every 5 years? Certificates should always be given to the tenant at the start of their tenancy and any new reports during the tenancy must be given to the tenant within 28 days. Local authorities may impose a financial penalty of up to £30,000 on landlords who are in breach of their duties.