September 11, 2023

Top tips for successful property viewings

Conducting successful property viewings is crucial for attracting good tenants and ensuring a smooth rental process. Here are some top tips to make your rental property viewings successful: Prepare the property: Make sure the property is clean and prepared for people to view This includes getting it thoroughly  cleaned  prior…
Picture onlooking on to Queens Garden in Hull
August 26, 2023

The result of providing high-quality properties

As a landlord or managing agent, ensuring that you offer high-quality properties for your tenants is more than just good business practice. It is the cornerstone of building trust, fostering positive relationships and achieving long-term success in the property industry. We wanted to delve into the significance of this and…
July 26, 2023

Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Letting Agent

Are you a landlord or a tenant looking for a reliable letting agent? Finding the right agency can make a significant difference in your rental experience. In this blog post, we will explore five essential tips to help you choose the perfect letting agency. From understanding your needs to evaluating…
Propertyl ettings
July 19, 2023

How important is a property inventory?

A property inventory is a crucial document for lettings and plays a significant role for both landlords and tenants. It is a detailed record of the condition and contents of a property at the beginning of a tenancy. We have put together our essential lettings inventory fact list to help…
May 24, 2023

Tenant referencing process, More than just a credit check

What is the tenant referencing process? Tenant referencing is a process used by landlords/agents to assess the suitability of prospective tenants. It involves gathering information about the tenant's background, financial history, and rental history to evaluate their reliability and ability to fulfil their obligations as a tenant. Tenant referencing typically…
May 22, 2023

Do not worry! The Renters Reform Bill explained…

With the announcement of the renters' reform bill, we have been flooded with questions and panic from investors and landlords worrying. Mainly asking what this means for them and the property rental market. We see the legislation positively bringing tenants security and reducing unfair rent increases as well as acknowledging…
November 26, 2021

Beverley Tourist Spots

Beverley Town A few weeks ago we did a blog post on tourist spots in Hull, Mainly targeted on anyone new to the area! This week we want to explore Hulls close neighbors and celebrate East Yorkshires vibrant towns! Beverley is a half an hour drive away from Hull, or…
November 18, 2021

How to keep your property Covid safe

Post lockdown   Now more of us are leaving are homes to work and socialise, there is an increased risk of encountering the virus. As the rules have been reduced, less people are adhering to mask wearing and social distancing and there is more chance of us bringing Covid-19 into…