With the announcement of the renters’ reform bill, we have been flooded with questions and panic from investors and landlords worrying. Mainly asking what this means for them and the property rental market. We see the legislation positively bringing tenants security and reducing unfair rent increases as well as acknowledging anti-social tenants or unpaid rent requires a quicker process for resolution.

We have broken down the main parts of the legislation for you:

Landlords will no longer be able to use the “no-fault” section 21 eviction notice

( This allowed landlords to evict a tenant giving no reason at all)

This has given many landlords the concern that they can’t just make their property vacant should they wish to. The whole point of this change is to allow a tenant to feel more secure and not worry that their home can be taken away from them with a short notice period and for no reason. 

However, Section 8 will be amended to allow the landlord to take back possession should they move in themselves or a family member or sell the property. There will be an easier route for landlords to evict should they have a legal reason to do so should the tenant be causing anti-social behaviour or be in serious rental arrears.

A digital Property Portal will be created 

This is to inform landlords and tenants of their rights and obligations to help ensure everyone understands the correct process and their duties as both landlord and tenant. We completely agree with this as we regularly meet landlords that don’t realise they aren’t following all the compliance steps. This portal will help educate both landlords and tenants to make sure the properties are up to the correct standards resulting in safe homes being provided. 

A new property ombudsman 

This is being created to help settle disputes and relieve pressure on the court system. This should allow the resolution of issues to be quicker and easier. Tenants will be granted the legal right to request that a pet be allowed to stay in their rental property. This is meant to make tenant challenges easier in cases of unfair rent increases and unresolved property issues.

The legal right to request a pet

Tenants will be granted the legal right to request that a pet be allowed to stay in their rental property. (They are stating that a landlord would be able to request insurance is in place to help cover any damage that may occur).

The bill is still waiting to be passed as law but if it does this will cause the first major changes to the rental sector in a long time to improve both housing quality and security. For more information on the things discussed, you can visit the Gov.uk website.

Even more so with the coming changes in legislation, it is so important to make sure you are doing things right. Ensuring all documentation (gas, Electrics,EPC, etc) are up to date as well as carrying out inventory checks and inspections regularly. Got some questions or need a bit of help, give us a call on 01482 241261 or send us an email at Admin@emlets.co.uk