Frequently Asked Questions


Who are Em Lets?

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What education have you completed?

We have completed an Elite mentorship through Asset Academy, which provided us with an in-depth education of various strategies within the property industry. This includes Buy-to-Let, House of Multiple Occupation, Rent to Rent, Lease Options, Joint Venturing and more.

We have been mentored and built great relationships with Trainers and Property Investors throughout the UK that provide us with support when assessing our own deals.

We have completed various Project Management courses, that have allowed us to build a skill to manage numerous projects at once, keeping them all safe, on time and within budget.

We have a portfolio built which has put all our education into practice and gives us our proven track record.

What are the current property strategies within your portfolio?

Currently our portfolio consists of Buy-to-Lets which are let out both the private rental sector and social housing sector to spread our risk across the assets.

We have a portfolio of Houses of multiple occupation which we run on a guaranteed rent basis.

We have transferred a pension over to a Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS) which we are looking to invest and build the portfolio with.

We are expanding the letting agency to increase the number of clients we work with.

Why should I sell my house through you?

There is no obligation to sell your house through us, however we offer free advice which may help you sell your house.

If you do sell through us then there are no estate agent fees, as we get the investor to pay us to find them the properties.

Our investors work on a Yield % and Return on Investment % so not every property will be able to go through our investors list. However, we will help you with some pointers which may help you sell through the traditional way.

As a tenant, why would I rent with you?

We are very experienced in tenant management and our main aim is finding the right fit for what you are looking for. Whether it is a warm family home or a dynamic house share, our number one priority is you. By providing high quality accommodation we can assure all your needs are met. 

As a landlord / Investor, why would I work with you?

We have a proven track record of investments and investors and are active in the property market ourselves. Therefore, if your looking to grow/sell your portfolio or invest yourselves we have probably been in your situation before and will be able to help.

We are consistently working with landlords to help them find solutions to their problems. Whether this is through guaranteed rent each month, managing their properties, managing their refurbishments or guiding them through the purchase of their first investment.

What does the free consultation include?

We offer a free 15-minute call to understand your situation. We will establish what you are looking for and how we can assist you. Following the call, we will put together a structured plan to resolve your issue

How does guaranteed rent work?

Guaranteed rent takes away the day to day hassles for you as a landlord. We offer you a guaranteed monthly income and we take over the management of the property. As part of the package we take on the daily management of tenants, ensure your property is kept up to standards and compliances. If refurbishments are required to bring your property to a higher standard, we will carry these out as well as taking over all utility bills.  Each month we will send you a report showing any issues we have dealt with or updates on the property providing pictures of the condition giving you the peace of mind that your property is in good hands.

Which social housing providers do you work with?

We have built relationships within the local community that support the re-institution of vulnerable adults. We provide warm, clean and modern accommodation whilst the providers we work with give the care and support needed.

What makes you different from other agents?

We are landlords ourselves and are educated in executing different property strategies. We can provide the local knowledge and also the property knowledge to help with your investment, looking at the longer-term growth and the short-term returns.

We have worked with other agents with parts of our portfolio, so we understand the areas we have been let down. We have eradicated these out of our business and keep up to date with all legislation to ensure properties are kept legal at all times.

Where did you get your website designed?

Our website was designed & built by Matt Mallory Creative Design & Marketing