Post lockdown


Now more of us are leaving are homes to work and socialise, there is an increased risk of encountering the virus. As the rules have been reduced, less people are adhering to mask wearing and social distancing and there is more chance of us bringing Covid-19 into our homes. What can we do to defend our homes from the virus? Em lets has composed some tips so you can reduce the chance of being infected in your homes.



A lesser known weapon against viruses, investing in a humidifier is a great way to weaken Covid-19 particles in the air. Water particles actually can damage the outer membrane of the virus, causing it to have a shorter lifespan. Having a higher air humidity also makes the droplets that house the virus heavier, making them fall to the floor and less likely to breathe in. Dryness in homes and offices actually dries out mucous membranes in your eyes, nose and mouth, which makes these areas more prone to ingesting the virus. Humidifiers will raise the strength of these membranes and help your body combat a potential infection.

Air Flow

A more obvious but often forgotten way to keep indoor areas safe is to make sure there is plenty of air ventilation in buildings. Latest research shows that Covid-19 particles can stay in air for up to half an hour. The simple act of keeping a window open in rooms can help flush out dangerous particles in the air. Infected individuals can leave many virus particles in the air after talking, so if your having a lunch with a friend in your living room or perhaps after a business presentation in a meeting room, leave a window open.


Hand washing

The most common and effective way against Covid-19 is to wash our hands, but it is easy to forget for how long for and how often. Every surface we touch could have infectious particles on which we can spread further to other surfaces, objects, food and people.  You should be washing your hands every time you have been outside, every time you have touched an unclean surface , before you eat and if you have had contact with another person. Its best to wash your hands for 30 seconds thoroughly with soapy water , this destroys any copies of the virus and any that survive will be washed down the sink.



Anything that is frequently used must be disinfected multiple times a day, If your in a house share, this is a great way to help your other housemates from touching potentially infectious surfaces and vice versa. Don’t forget to clean your most used possessions such as phones, remotes, laptops, keyboards, doorknobs, faucet handles etc.


We don’t know how long we are going to be affected for Covid-19 for but we know that we can fight it if we remain persistent and vigilant. If your worried about Covid-19 in your property, let us know!

Thanks for reading.