Conducting successful property viewings is crucial for attracting good tenants and ensuring a smooth rental process. Here are some top tips to make your rental property viewings successful:

Prepare the property:

    • Make sure the property is clean and prepared for people to view This includes getting it thoroughly  cleaned  prior to letting people in through the door
    • Make any necessary repairs and touch-ups to present the property in the best possible condition. If people are viewing prior to some of the touch-ups makes sure you are clear on what is being done so you can relay this to potential tenants.

Be punctual and professional:

    • Arrive early for the scheduled viewing. This gives you time to do a health and safety check of the property and prepare it for viewing.
    • Dress professionally and maintain a friendly demeanour throughout the process.
    • Be on hand to answer any questions and show the property’s full potential
    • Ensure the property is well-lit and ventilated by opening doors and turning on all the lights
    • In winter, it’s always good to get the heating on, a warm property is always more welcoming than a cold vacant house.

Showcase key features:

    • Highlight the property’s key selling points, such as modern appliances, ample storage space, or a beautiful view.

Provide necessary information:

    • Be prepared to answer questions about the property, neighbourhood, nearby amenities, and public transport.

Allow time for exploration:

    • Give prospective tenants time to explore the property on their own, allowing them to decide if they could see themselves living there.

Be transparent:

    • Disclose any potential issues or limitations the property might have.
    • Answer questions honestly and openly to build trust with potential tenants.

Emphasise safety and security:

    • Showcase any security features the property offers, such as a secure entrance, alarm system, or well-lit parking areas.

Respect privacy:

    • If the current tenants are still living in the property, be mindful of their privacy and avoid intruding on their personal space.

Follow up:

    • After the viewing, follow up with potential tenants to gather feedback and answer any additional questions they may have.

Consider virtual viewings:

    • In addition to in-person viewings, offer virtual viewings for those who might not be able to attend in person. When people are relocating for work its difficult for them to attend multiple viewings in person around their current commitments.

Market the property effectively:

    • Use high-quality photos and detailed descriptions in your rental listing to attract more prospective tenants to the viewing.

Set expectations:

    • Let potential tenants know about the application process, deposit requirements, and any additional tenancy agreement terms upfront.

By implementing these tips, you can make your rental property viewings more successful and increase the likelihood of finding suitable tenants.